Meeting rooms – the pledge of business success

Are you going to meet serious business partners and looking for the appropriate environment? Make a deep impression on your business partners and organise your meetings in a professional environment. Hold your business meetings in our elegant and professionally equipped meeting rooms of the office in Buda, located between the Castle and Rózsadomb Hill. Make the best use of all the advantages of the professional environment and meeting room renting.

The advantages of meeting rooms – 5 reasons why you should rent a meeting room

1. Professional business meeting rooms to 4, 8, 20 persons
By means of the meeting rooms of Bázis Office you can choose from fully equipped meeting rooms. You may easily hold meetings to 4 or even 20 persons in a meeting room fulfilling your requirements.

2. Reception support: welcoming the clients,  offering refreshments.
Within the frame of meeting room renting the reception welcomes your guests who can be waiting in the reception space in pleasant conditions if needed. In addition to this you can offer a coffee, tea or refreshment to your clients during the meetings, which is served by the reception. Naturally, if it is separately requested, we also provide refreshments, salty and sweet cakes, or sandwiches to you.

3. Business environment and full technical background: internet, flip-chart, projector
The elegant internal furniture of the meeting rooms provides an ideal location to you to gain your partners’ trust. For the uninterrupted and smooth negotiations, Internet and server support are also available in addition to the flip-chart and projector equipment.

4. Meeting rooms even for 1-1 hour – flexible and cost-effective: a system on an hourly fee charging basis
Choose a business environment that is appropriate to your negotiation, whether it is on a week day or at weekend. You may allow being flexible from now on as we will adjust ourselves to your business. You may use our professional meeting rooms from 8.30 AM to 6 PM in working hours, or even out of working time, and at weekends as well, if requested. Even for only 1 hour.

5. Reservation system: it provides the availability of the meeting room

You may freely plan in advance as you can easily reserve the office you need through our reservation system at any time and for the time when you need it.

Experience all the advantages of a professionally furnished and equipped meeting room and flexibility,

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