Offices – professional work environment, in a flexible and cost-effective way

The proper work environment is a basis to quality work. Reach outstanding business success in a fully furnished and equipped office that is perfectly tailored to the profile and size of your business, and which you may use flexibly and without initial investment. More information about:

Offices to rent – innovative office solutions

If you use the office renting service of Bázis Office, you only have to start work in an office ready for use as everything else will be provided by us.

The office service of Bázis Office has several advantages, and your business can make the best use of each of these. Bázis Office Center among others offers the following advantages:

1. cost-effective – you do not have to invest in infrastructure, furniture as everything is provided. In addition to this you only have to pay for the office room area used by you, and you do not have to pay an area fee for the use of the corridors, kitchen, restrooms, guest-hall and reception. Besides you may use our offices in part-time work, proportional to time.

2. flexible – it fits to the needs of your company, either you need a one-person, or a multi-person office

3. the furnished and equipped innovative offices, work places are ready-to-use, there is no waiting and wasted time.

4. it provides full office infrastructure, also including telecommunications background (unlimited, wide-bandhigh-speed Internet, complex phone and fax service) and full office technical background (photocopier, black-and-white and colour printers, scanner, fax, high capacity servers and projector)

5. the office building is open to you in seven days of the week, and in all hours of the day, i.e. in 7/24 with a card access system so working time only depends on you, you may freely use your office

6. it provides a professional work place to you and your colleagues in modern category “A” office building conditions

7. it is located in an elegant office building, in the neighbourhood of the Castle and Rózsadomb, in a frequented place, thus it provides an imposing still easily accessible basis to your business

8. the IT system is operated and maintained by IT experts

9. wide-scale reception service with several years of experience fully handle your phone calls, mails and faxes, receive your phone calls under your own company name, in the Hungarian or English language. In addition to this you can rely on them in performing other administrative background tasks, and rendering secretary services (on an hourly fee charging basis), as well as in translation, interpretation and data recording management.

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Offices tailored to your needs

Instead of compromises choose Bázis Office Center, and you will have an office to your business  that best fits to your concepts. Make your business activity even more effective by using our office service that best fits to your needs. Choose the solution that is the most ideal to you:

Office solutions for full-time work

Full-time work office – it allows your company to use a fully equipped office, ready-to-use , without the need of any investment made by you, and to make the best use of all the above mentioned advantages.

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Project offices

In terms of maximum flexibility, in Bázis Office Center you may temporarily use the office for 1-2 weeks, or months until you need it for the implementation of the concerned project. Professional work-ready offices, only for the period you need them.

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Starter offices

You may also choose the offices of Bázis Office Center to perform the preparatory tasks needed for starting your company. Make the best use of all the advantages of a professional background in the first months. Start the activity of your company with our starter office service until you find your long-term office.

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Temporary offices

Are you looking for a temporary solution between two solutions, or for the time of redecoration or reconstruction? The temporary office service of Bázis Office Center allows you to carry out the activity of the company without hindrances in this period as well.

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Part-time offices

Bázis Office Center allows you to use fully equipped offices, work places and professional infrastructure in a cost-effective way, and proportional to time (hourly fee-based charging). In this solution when and how long you use our services only depends on the business process of your company.

It may be 1-2 hours per day, 1-2 days per week, or only a few days per month. Within the frame of the part-time office solution you may make the best use of all the advantages of office renting and you only have to pay for the time actually spent in Bázis Office Center.

Part-time work office renting service is an ideal solution to those who:

• do not use an office in 8 hours per day,
• consider cost-effectiveness important,
• cannot/do not want to work in their home based office,
• do not have an own office,
• do not have a place for conducting their business negotiations,
• have their own offices presently, however these are not suitable due to insufficient infrastructure, service staff, or because of an environment that is not impressive enough.

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