Virtual offices – Business address, reception background, without full-time office renting

Is your time consumed by carrying out operative tasks? Invest your energy in increasing your profit instead by means of the virtual office service. Become familiar with the virtual office service in the frame of which you are given a business address and our colleagues receive your phone calls, letters, messages, and you can enjoy all this without renting a full-time office. The virtual office service provides you with the freedom that you need to achieve success. Experience all the advantages of the virtual office:

Virtual offices – real advantages

The virtual office service relieves you of the burden of controlling the operative tasks of your company, easily and at a favourable price,. You can arrange your business tasks without worries and be sure that your phone calls will be received, and your consignments will be forwarded to your clients, without renting a full-time office office.

Details of the virtual office service

Become familiar with the details of our virtual office service, and become one of those successful entrepreneurs who establish their companies’ bases in Budapest. We provide the following to you by means of the virtual office service:

high prestige business address in Buda ,
individual phone number, as well as your phone calls are switched and received by us under your own company name,
– your letters, fax messages are received and forwarded by us per your request,
– your messages are also forwarded by us,
– moreover, you may also place your own signboard
– and you may do all this in a cost-effective way.

An office where your business works even when you are not there.

Virtual office – quality service at an affordable price

Make the best use of all the advantages of the virtual office, the business address, the reception background, as well as maximum flexibility.