Seat service – prestige, reliability

A well-selected seat promotes the successful conclusion of business deals as it suggests reliability. You would not like to lose your potential clients due to a wrongly selected seat, wouldn’t you? Choose Bázis Office Center that can be found in a modern office building of high prestige located between the Castle and Rózsadomb Hill to be your seat, and enjoy all its advantages.

Due to the seat service of Bázis Office the centre of your company may be an office building located in a frequented place, which makes you even more reliable to your business partners. In addition to this our seat service promotes your business success by means of several useful services.

Within the frame of seat service we receive your official and business letters for you then we post the received consignments anywhere to you according to the requested frequency, or you may take them over in our office in working hours.

Do for your success, choose a seat of prestige value to your business enterprise  –