In the continuously changing and unpredictable business life it is important that your business should have a firm basis as you can achieve outstanding success only this way. Forget your worries unnecessarily consuming energy, and choose instead a comfortable office solution tailored to your individual needs. Make the best use of all the advantages of this centrally located office with imposing appearance and prestige value, and the advantages provided by the flexible, cost-effective still quality services, whether it is office renting, meeting room renting, seat service or virtual office service.

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Have a fully equipped office located in a frequented place, meeting all your needs, provided with complete background infrastructure in a cost-effective way. Bázis Office Center provides everything to your business success. Ready-to-use office renting service –
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Virtual office

An office that you do not have to attend and you do not have to rent a full-time office, and still it works perfectly. Business address and reception background without the burdens of permanent office renting.
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Meeting rooms

Care for the details, and organise your negotiations in an office building in Buda that makes a deep impression on your clients. Choose modern, perfectly equipped meeting rooms to your negotiations to have successful meetings.
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Seat service

Have your company, business enterprise seat in Buda. Choose your seat in a stately office building which will be appreciated by your clients. Seat service with several useful functions, at a favourable price
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